Myths related to Diabetes – FACTCHECKED

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With pandemic fatigue in full swing, myths and false claims about Diabetes abound – experts from all over the world contributed and offered a fact a fact-check of Myths & facts of Diabetes. Here are some misconceptions among people related to diabetes.

Myths related to Diabetes
Diabetes Related Myths – Misconceptions about Diabetes

Myths related to diabetes – Busted

Assumption: Diabetes is a disease that can be completely cured. 

Fact: The cause of diabetes is the lack of insulin and life can be lived smoothly only by keeping this deficiency under control.

Assumption: A person with diabetes cannot lead a normal life. 

Fact: A person with diabetes can lead a normal life if they can keep their diabetes under control.

Assumption: Insulin is the ultimate way of preventing diabetes. 

Fact: Insulin is never the ultimate way to prevent diabetes.  It is used to cure a particular type of diabetes.  If the doctor prescribes insulin, then its intake is very important.  Failure to do so can be harmful to the body.

Assumption: Once diabetes is controlled, treatment should be stopped. 

Fact: Treatment should not be stopped unless the doctor says otherwise.

Assumption: If there is no health related problem, then diabetes is completely under control. 

Fact: A person whose diabetes is not controlled can still look healthy.  If the blood sugar level is normal then diabetes can be under control.

Assumption: If a person takes insulin injection, then he will have to take insulin injection for whole life. 

Fact: Insulin injections are given to a person only when his pancreas is not working properly. The use of insulin allows the pancreas to rest and may, as a result, function properly.  Then the injections can be stopped and the medicine can be started.

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Some other diabetes related misconceptions

  • Ghee, butter, milk contain saturated fats, which increase weight and obesity – this notion is not true.  Milk and ghee contain limited amount of cholesterol.  Some cholesterol is necessary for hormone production.
  • Older people should not drink milk – this thinking is not correct.  Milk is an ideal food for children, elderly and patients.  Milk supplies many essential minerals, such as calcium, vitamins ‘A’ and ‘D’ as well as sulfur, from which amino acids are formed for our protection.
  • Unsaturated fats are heart friendly – ​​this is not true, but refined vegetable oils are harmful for diseases like diabetes, heart and cancer.  Because of them, these types of diseases are increasing day by day.
  • Diabetic patients should not eat more fruits, because fruits are sweet.  Eating them raises blood sugar – this notion is also wrong.  and provide minerals.
  • 2-3 fruits should be eaten daily, because fruits are natural vitamins to the body.
  • It is often said that diabetic patients should not eat foods like rice, potatoes, sugar, mangoes at all, but it is not so.  Diabetes patients can eat all these, only need to keep an eye on calories.  Make a balance by changing the diet.  Keep in mind that there is no excess of any diet.

Always avoid sweetening agents, simple sugars, canned or processed foods.  Diabetic patients do not need any special dosage.  They should eliminate only those items from their diet, which directly or indirectly affect insulin action.

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